red-check The Ordinance on market surveillance

Ordinance No. 11/2016/UBTVQH13status2 dated March 08th, 2016 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on market surveillance

This Ordinance prescribes the standing, organization, examination activities and specialist inspection activities of market surveillance units, the regulations on cooperation and responsibilities of authorities and entities concerned, and the maintenance of market surveillance units’ activities, benefits and policies Read more

Accordingly, market surveillance units shall be the Government's force specialized in precluding, combating and handling the trading of contraband, production and sale of counterfeit goods, prohibited merchandise and commodities of unknown origin, infringement of intellectual property, commercial frauds and breach of laws on quality, measurement, food safety and protection of customers' rights

Scope of examination of market surveillance units is prescribed as follows:

i. The legal compliance of entities trading goods and commercial services in the market shall be examined. Market surveillance officers, when inspecting goods and detecting infractions, shall be entitled to examine production facilities and implement actions as per the laws on settlement of administrative infractions

ii/ Production facilities operating in sectors under the management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade shall be examined

iii/ Other entities' adherence to laws shall be examined according to the Government's authorization of market surveillance officers' examination and actions against administrative infractions

This Ordinance shall come into force as of 01 September 2016.


blue-check The Ordinance on environmental police forces

Ordinance No. 10/2014/PL-UBTVQH13 dated December 23, 2014 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on environmental police forces

This Ordinance prescribes the functions, duties, authority, organization, operation, and policies applied to environmental police forces; responsibilities of related agencies, organizations and individuals. Read more

Environmental police is a branch of the police specialized in preventing, detecting, fighting against criminal and administrative offenses related to environment; proactively and cooperatively preventing, fighting against crimes and violations of law related to natural resources and food safety related to environment.

This Ordinance takes effect on June 5, 2015.


blue-check Amended Ordinance on foreign exchange limiting the use of foreign currency

Ordinance No. 06/2013/UBTVQH13 dated March 18, 2013 of the Standing Committee of National Assembly, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the ordinance on foreign exchange control (10 pages)

The Amended Foreign Exchange (FX) Ordinance focuses on several issues for investors such as: Read more

1. Investor’s Rights and Obligations:

• Stricter regulation on foreign currency use in Vietnam: Residents and non-residents must specify the cost of all transactions, “payments, price listings, advertisings, evaluating and quotations” in VND, whereas, currently, only transactions such as payments, price listing and advertising are restricted activities.

• New provision on indirect investment accounts: Non-residents investors must open an indirect investment account in VND to conduct their investments in Vietnam, and convert all of their indirect investment amounts from foreign currency into VND via such account. Currently, indirect investors must only make the conversion in VND through authorized credit institutions.

• Capital sources for overseas investments are no longer limited and investors may use all legal capital sources at their disposal.

• A guarantee for overseas and non-resident loans is no longer limited to credit institutions, but open to economic organizations such as enterprises or cooperatives, except for export goods and deferred payment services requiring the Prime Minister’s approval.

2. Competent authorities’ responsibilities:

• Wider control of the State Bank of Vietnam (“SBV”): which will control overseas gold accounts of residents in addition to gold import/export activities under the current regulation;

• More visibility on foreign currency management: the Government and the SBV must periodically report to the National Assembly Standing Committee about the result of their management of foreign exchange.

The Amended FX Ordinance does not bring major changes to foreign exchange controls. It mainly provides clarification of terms and wording of the current rules. Nevertheless, it brings additional restrictions on foreign currency use in Vietnam and is expected to enhance commercial activities in VND.

This Ordinance takes effect on January 01, 2014 and also annul Article 38 of Ordinance on foreign exchange No. 28/2005/PL-UBTVQH11status2 .


blue-check The Ordinance on legitimate typification of Vietnam

Ordinance No. 03/2012/UBTVQH13 dated April 16, 2012 of the National Assembly on legitimate typification of legal norms system

This Ordinance stipulates principles, competence, order and procedures of legitimate typification; responsibilities of state agencies for legitimate typification and conditions ensuring legitimate typification. Read more

Legitimate typification means state agencies' review, collection and arrangement of effective legal norms in legal documents promulgated by central state agencies other than the Constitution in order to formulate the legitimately typified Code

This Ordinance takes effect on July 1, 2013


blue-check The amendments of the legal documents will be consolidated to the original text

Ordinance No. 01/2012/UBTVQH13 dated March 22, 2012 of the National Assembly Standing Committee on the consolidation of legal documents

This Ordinance stipulates on consolidation of legal documents being promulgated by central state agencies, competence and duty of agencies in consolidation of documents, order, technique of consolidation of documents aiming to contribute in ensuring for the legal system be simple, clear, easy to use, increasing effectiveness of legal execution. Read more

Consolidation of documents means bring the amending and supplementing content in document that amends and supplements a number of articles of a previous promulgated document into the amended and supplemented document in according to process, technique specified in this ordinance.

This Ordinance takes effect from July 01, 2012.


red-check On management and use of weapons, explosives and supporting tools

Ordinance No. 16/2011/UBTVQH12status1 dated June 30, 2011 of the National Assembly, on management and use of weapons, explosives and supporting tools

This Ordinance provides for the object is equipped with military weapons and procedures permit the use of weapons; specified object is armed sport regulations allowed the shooting case Read more

The following forces shall be equipped with guns, including Army, Police, Militia, Forest, Customs anti-smuggling and border-gate Customs, Aviation Security

Ordinance with effect from 01.01.2012

As stipulated in Paragraph 3 of Article 22 of this Ordinance, the person on duty has the right to fire on cars, boats (except those of diplomatic missions) are attacked or directly threatened the lives of persons performing or for others to force litigants to stop or train stop


stop-check Regulations on using of weapons and support tools

Ordinance No. 16/2011/UBTVQH dated June 30, 2011 of the National Assembly Standing Committee on management and use of weapons, explosives and supporting tools

stop-check Amending the Ordinance on procurators of the people's procuracies

Ordinance No. 15/2011/UBTVQH12status1 dated February 19, 2011 of the National Assembly Standing Committee amending and supplementing a number of articles of the ordinance on procurators of the people's procuracies

stop-check Regulations on court costs and fees of criminal and civil cases

Ordinance No. 10/2009/PL-UBTVQH12status1 dated Feb. 27, 2009 of the National Assembly Standing Committee on court costs and fees

This Ordinance specifies court costs and fees payable by convicts, involved parties in criminal, civil and administrative cases; court cost and fee levels; collection and remittance principles, exemption conditions and procedures; cases not liable to payment of court cost and fee advances and court costs and fees; the obligation to pay court costs and fees; agencies competent to collect court costs and fees; handling of court cost and fee advances and court costs and fees; and settlement of complaints about court costs and fees. Read more

This Ordinance applies to Vietnamese and foreign agencies, organizations and individuals related to court costs and fees. It takes effect on July 1, 2009


stop-check Regarding Ordinance of amending the tax of resources

Ordinance No. 07/2008/PL-UBTVQH12status1 dated November 22, 2008 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly amending and supplementing Article 6 of the Ordinance on royalties

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